Breathing Space

To understand one’s world, one must sometimes turn away from it! To serve better, one must briefly hold it at a distance. Where can the necessary solitude be found, the long breathing space in which mind gathers its strength and takes stock of its courage.

Albert Camus

Research shows that child welfare workers and professionals in social services experience a higher level of stress and vicarious trauma than most other professions. Not only does this impact workers’ quality of life, but it compromises their ability to fully support the children and families in their care.

If you’re struggling, feeling down, overwhelmed, burned out, or stuck, I want to give you hope that you CAN struggle less. You CAN use powerful, science-backed skills to live and work with more energy, joy, and sense of purpose. You CAN create a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions, which will strengthen your resiliency and help you thrive.

Resilience is not about eliminating anxiety, fear, or uncertainty inherent in the work we do. Cultivating resilience allows us to face these and other stressful experiences with greater confidence, so we have the resources to bounce back. In posts that you can access below, I will be sharing articles, tools, and resources for building habits of mind and action—often in small but meaningful ways—that foster

Adopting resilience practices requires a change of attitude and habit. The promise is that by doing so, we may experience the power of simple approaches that, when practiced mindfully and full of intention, are self-renewing.

Be well. Stay well.

Dan Comer

Breathing Space November 2022

Breathing Space November 2022 by Dan Comer What Is Good Self-Care and Why You Deserve It Many of us are good at keeping busy, looking after others, and juggling responsibilities. But when it comes to self-care, we often aren’t the greatest! Why is that? (Continue reading

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Breathing Space October 2022

Breathing Space October 2022 by Dan Comer Sparking Joy: A Mindfulness Practice for Everyday Joy is a capacity we all have that can be trained and developed—it is a primary component of psychological well-being, encompassing moments of appreciation, enduring contentment, and a sense of confidence and

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Breathing Space September 2022

Breathing Space September 2022 by Dan Comer I have asked lots of audiences if they leave their desk and take an actual break for lunch. The answer is almost always “No, I don’t.” I never did, either. We are so busy, have so much to do,

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Breathing Space August 2022

Breathing Space August 2022 by Dan Comer A Sense of Social ConnectednessHow connected do you feel? Much has been said about practices for cultivating a sense of social connectedness. Decades of psychology research have taught us that this is a key to happiness. That’s what Harvard’s

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Breathing Space May 2022

Breathing Space May 2022 by Dan Comer Three Reasons You Need a Self-Care Plan A self-care plan is an intervention tool that keeps you from being completely sucked into the vortex, saving you when you find yourself standing on the precipice gazing into the dark abyss.

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Breathing Space March 2022

Breathing Space March 2022 by Dan Comer Different Is Good  There is a radio station in my little city whose tagline is “Different is good.” I like it because I get bored hearing the same songs over and over again, and they play a truly eclectic

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