Bridge to Health Care: Accessing Services for Children and Youth

Child welfare–involved children and youth often have significant health care needs. Fortunately, Health First Colorado and the Child Mental Health Treatment Act (CMHTA) offer a wide range of services to meet these needs. In order to best serve children and youth in Colorado, it is vital for child welfare professionals to build and strengthen the bridge between the services of child welfare and those of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the Office of Behavioral Health.
This interactive learning experience provides child welfare professionals with the tools to help families understand how to access quality and consistent health care for children and youth. Learners will explore the benefits and services of both Health First Colorado and the CMHTA as well as their role in optimizing these resources to reduce the use of Core Services Program dollars.
Please refer to the Medicaid eligibility webpage for guidance, clarification and resources for child welfare.
This self-paced Web-based training will help learners do the following:
  • understand the benefits, services, and eligibility requirements, including waivers, of Health First Colorado and the purpose of its various health plans and providers
  • understand the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment program (EPSDT) and medical necessity
  • summarize the purpose of the Healthy Communities program and the role of family health coordinators
  • recognize the importance of mental health screening and treatment
  • explain how Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs) work within Health First Colorado
  • describe how the CMHTA helps keep families together and alleviates gaps in services in child welfare
  • reflect on their role in connecting the families they serve with agencies that provide health care coverage to children and families
Child welfare staff, you will need to complete this WBT in the CWTS learning management system using your learner account.