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So much of how we’re challenged and stretched professionally has nothing to do with needing more knowledge. Being able to have difficult conversations with confidence, lead a team through change, own our impact and responsibly occupy a position of power, work through conflict as a team…these things are inherently difficult because there are no “right” ways to go about them.

Coaching isn’t about teaching the steps to become masterful around the responsibilities of leadership or realities of being a part of a system. These things will always be tricky, uncomfortable, and uncertain. So rather than telling you what to do for each circumstance you’re in, we work in partnership with you to generate valuable insights into who you are, what’s important to you, what triggers you, what you value, how you get in your own way. And then, we help you make conscious decisions about how you want to show up in your position or as a part of a system. In the end, coaching is what helps you navigate through these complex, uncertain situations from a place of courage, honesty, authenticity, and boldness.

What People Are Saying:

“I go into things asking more questions, helping other people come to their own answers and their own solutions…I’ve definitely shifted and supported my team in new and different ways.”
“My team is a whole different team. They’re so connected to each other.”
“I was able to enjoy my job again.”
“I think the biggest pieces were redefining [what a leader is], being able to figure out those opportunities when I do have the ability to ‘shine,’ and also really focusing on being authentically me … and not being some sort of prescribed definition of what many of the leaders … look like.”
“The opportunity to participate, learn and discuss sensitive/tough topics in an environment that was non-judgmental is a game changer and will only make us better leaders!”
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