Jing Yu

"Every social action group should at the same time be an adult education group, and I go even as far as to believe that all successful adult education groups sooner or later become social action groups."

Learning Design Manager

Jing Yu, MA, MS, began her role as the instructional design manager for the CWTS in August 2013. Responsible for operationalizing and managing design and development processes across functions, Jing focuses on Web-based training content and training delivery to ensure they are aligned with the CWTS values: adult learning theory, cultural responsiveness, and maximized technology.

Prior to joining the CWTS, Jing worked with the Center for the Application of Information Technologies at Western Illinois University for six years and with Colorado Community Colleges Online for two years. In her role as instructional designer, she presented and published at professional conferences and designed and developed various online curricula in six different learning management systems. Jing earned her MA in educational and interdisciplinary studies (with a focus in multicultural education) in 2003 and her MS in instructional design and technology in 2006. In China, she served as a vice principal in an urban elementary school with fifteen hundred students. Jing is also actively involved in multicultural events that support international women’s rights, cultural inclusiveness, and Chinese-American children.

Jing enjoys hiking, running, golfing, dancing, cooking, and traveling. She lives with her husband, Xianfeng Yang, and two children, Vivian (eight) and Ethan (five).