Diligent Recruitment and Placement Resources

This training is designed to provide users of the Diligent Recruitment and Placement Resources web map application the introductory skills to navigate and find information related to recruitment of foster care homes and to locate placement for children/youth in proximity to their homes, neighborhoods, or communities.

The application is intended to support the Diligent Recruitment process for counties and Child Placement Agencies (CPAs) in developing strategic, data-driven recruitment plans that will help agencies build and sustain a pool of foster care homes, including relatives and others with a strong relationship with the child/youth, that can meet the needs of children/youth that are placed in foster care.

Targeted recruitment focuses agencies’ efforts on individuals or communities that can meet the needs of specific children/youth. The use of this real-time data dashboard application allows agencies to quickly gather and use the information to develop broad or targeted plans focused on geographic areas or populations.

The Diligent Recruitment and Placement User Tutorial will help recruitment and retention staff and agencies to

  • Navigate the Diligent Recruitment Map to quickly gather data and information on geographic areas or populations of interest, such as areas with the highest removal rates
  • Introduce concepts using the data on geographic areas or populations to develop targeted recruitment plans and address/locate existing resources for placement needs