Submitting your reimbursement

We provide reimbursement for travel-related expenses for qualifying county foster, kin, and adoptive families. If you have questions about your eligibility, please check with your Foster Care or Adoption Manager.

Your request for reimbursement needs to include:

  1. A signed, completed travel reimbursement form. (You can get the form from your training provider or download it here.)
  2. A Google map to document your mileage from home to the training site.
  3. A hotel receipt showing $0 balance, if you stayed overnight.

For quickest reimbursement: Ask your Foster Care or Adoption Manager where to submit your forms. Forms have to be turned in within 30 days after your training ends, so don't miss out. (And don’t forget your map!).


You're eligible for mileage reimbursement when you travel more than 70 miles from home (one way) to attend training.

To document your mileage, you'll need to submit

Mileage is paid at the prevailing state rate. Currently, that rate can be found by clicking here.

We cannot reimburse for tolls.


You are eligible for reimbursement for meals while participating in training only if you qualify for lodging. We reimburse meal costs using the current state rate for Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE). You can find the current rates by clicking here.

Ask your Foster Care or Adoption Manager if your county uses M&IE. If not, please submit receipts for your meals. We reimburse for breakfast, lunch, and dinner expenses only.

You may request a breakfast allowance if you have to leave before 5:00 a.m. to reach the training site. You may request a dinner allowance if you return home after 8:00 p.m. These exceptions are approved at the discretion of CDHS.

CDHS will not reimburse you for alcohol.

If you qualify for lodging the night before training, you may submit reimbursement for dinner that evening. Other meals will not be reimbursed.


When you qualify for lodging, ask your Foster Care or Adoption Manager who, in your county, makes travel arrangements. That person can help you select, reserve, and pay for hotel accommodations.

For training that begins in the morning, you're eligible for lodging the night before your training begins if you travel more than 120 miles from home. (Lodging the night before training isn't available if your training begins in the afternoon or evening.)

If your training lasts more than one day, you're eligible for lodging during the training if you travel more than 70 miles from home.

We encourage learners to travel home after their training ends. However, if you travel more than 240 miles from home, you may make a special request for lodging for the night after your training ends. Contact to make this request.

The mileage calculator on the website will help you determine if you qualify for lodging.

Reimbursement for lodging will be at the government rate and will not exceed $110.

The cost of an individual hotel room will be reimbursed. Room sharing is not required.

When possible, try to arrange for lodging that includes a continental breakfast.

We urge you to use your best judgment if bad weather makes traveling unsafe. If you feel traveling is unsafe, please extend your lodging and put a note on your travel reimbursement form to let us know the circumstances.

You are responsible for all incidental expenses and any damage to the room, including penalties for smoking.

Out-of-region training

Your county may reimburse your travel expenses for out-of-region Foster Parent Core Training

  • when no classes are available in your region within three weeks of your starting date, or
  • if you travel more than 70 miles one way.


The county may reimburse travel expenses for out-of-region in-service training

  • if the class is not available within your region at any time in the posted training schedule, or
  • if you travel more than 70 miles one way.


In some cases, training in a different region may be closer to your home than training offered in your own region. If so, please ask your Foster Care or Adoption Manager to contact to request a waiver.


Please contact with any questions you may have.

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