CWTS training time is considered professional work time, as it is required in order to effectively carry out the duties of your role(s). Due to the sensitive nature of the content delivered in CWTS courses and to protect the learning environment for all learners, children, of any age, are not allowed in training. When planning to participate in training, please make alternative child care arrangements.


You may register for any class in your region. All classes are free.

When you attempt to register for a class that is full, you will be placed on the waitlist. As soon as a spot in the class becomes available, you will be automatically moved to a registered status and will receive a confirmation email that will include a calendar invite.

Please attend training in your own region whenever possible. If you attend training in another region, check the Reimbursement Guidelines for information about travel-related expenses.

Once you’ve completed a class, you may not register for it again within three years of your completion date.


Some courses include a web-based component that must be completed before the classroom training begins. You’ll find this information in the course description and on your confirmation email.

If you’re not able to complete the web-based component prior to the day of the classroom training starts, please drop the class and register for another class at a later date.

You’ll receive a reminder email one week before your class. Occasionally, rooms or other logistical information change after you’ve registered, so please read your reminder email.


Our commitment to you:

CWTS facilitators will make every effort to create learning environments that maximize technology, are culturally inclusive, and appreciative of the unique learning needs of adults. You can count on us to deliver cutting-edge content while engaging with you in energized and intelligent ways.

Our expectations of you:

  • Come to class prepared to listen actively, ask questions, share experiences, practice skills, and connect with others.
  • During training, silence your phone and attend to email only during breaks.
  • Our first responsibility is to protect the integrity of the learning environment. If you violate the learning expectations above, your facilitator will ask you to leave. If you are asked to leave, you will not receive training hours for the class, and you will not be reimbursed for your travel expenses. In addition, we will notify your foster care or adoption manager.
  • CWTS create learning environments that are professional and meet the learning needs of all participants. We make efforts to eliminate distractions and disruptions. Therefore, children will not be allowed in training. If you’re not able to make child care arrangements, please contact your Regional Training Coordinator to explore attending another course offering.

Getting credit

  • You will receive training credit hours as soon as you complete all components of the course, including the post-test and evaluation.
  • You need to complete the whole class satisfactorily in order to receive credit. (We don’t grant partial training hours. Your training provider will make this determination)


Low Enrollment

If fewer than six learners are registered within one week of an in-service training, the class will be cancelled and you will receive an email notification.

If fewer than four learners are registered within one week of a pre-service (Core) class, the class will be cancelled and you will receive an email notification.

We make every effort to re-schedule cancelled classes. The training provider will be in touch by email to let you know when the class will be offered.

Inclement Weather

Your safety is our top priority, and we do not want you traveling when weather-related road conditions make it unsafe for you to travel to and from training.

When bad weather is anticipated, a decision about whether training will be held or cancelled will be made in the early morning hours on the day of training.

When the decision is made to cancel training, the training provider/facilitator will contact you by calling the emergency contact number listed in your LMS profile, as early in the morning as is possible, in an attempt to reach you before you are on the road. (Please ensure your LMS profile is up-to-date with your emergency contact information).

Additionally, when classes are cancelled because of inclement weather, an email message will be sent to you from CWTS and a message will be posted on the LMS and on the CWTS homnepage.

When weather conditions cause you to feel unsure about whether or not to travel to training, visit to find out if training is cancelled before hitting the road.

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