Prior to accessing the CWTS LMS home page, you’ll be greeted by the LMS login page. If you know your username/email and password, log in to proceed. If you need to set up an account, click Create new account.

Register in the CWTS LMS

When you log in to the CWTS LMS, you will arrive at the LMS home page. On this home page you will find several different categories of learning opportunities that are available for registration. Select the category you are most interested in by clicking the View Courses button.

You will be taken to that category’s landing page, where you will find detailed information related to the registration process for that particular category.

By clicking on any course, you will be automatically enrolled into that course. This means that you have access to all of the course activities and the system will start tracking your completion of those activities. This is all you need to do to register for a Web-based training!

To register for a specific classroom session of a classroom or hybrid course, you will need to take one additional step. Scroll down to the section of the course titled Classroom Activities; you will see the available classroom sessions. Find the one that works best for your schedule by clicking on View all sessions and then click on the Sign-up link on the right side of the screen. A new page will open and ask you to confirm your session registration and give you the option to add the training to your Outlook or Google calendar.

Once you have signed up for a specific session, you are ready to learn! Start by reviewing the course information and any pre-classroom work that’s required by visiting the course page and following the instructions listed under Pre-Classroom Activities.

For additional support, please visit the CWTS Help Center.

Happy learning!

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