We understand your desire to stay connected with your cohort of peers to share experiences, lessons learned, ideas, strategies, and solutions. We appreciate how alone you may sometimes feel when you face some of the more challenging aspects of your new leadership role.

Great news—the CWTS is here and ready to support you with a group coaching experience designed just for you!

After you finish the academy, you’re invited to engage in monthly group coaching sessions with the members of your Supervisor Academy cohort. Group coaching sessions are facilitated by a professionally trained coach and are intended to leverage your existing and emerging skills as you fully claim your new leadership space.

The group coaching sessions will be

  • offered monthly,
  • 90 minutes in length,
  • facilitated by videoconference, and
  • focused on topics that feel most relevant to you.

A member of the Kempe Center coaching team will meet with your Supervisor Academy cohort near the end of your academy experience to cocreate your cohort’s unique and interactive group coaching experience.