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CWTS training time is considered professional work time, as it is required in order to effectively carry out the duties of your role(s). Due to the sensitive nature of the content delivered in CWTS courses and to protect the learning environment for all learners, children, of any age, are not allowed in training. When planning to participate in training, please make alternative child care arrangements.

Foster Parent Core Training

Foster Parent Core Training meets the pre-certification training requirements set by Colorado rules and regulations for licensure to operate a Family Foster Care Home. This training provides introductory level information needed to successfully become a foster, kinship, or adoptive parent. Participants can expect to learn about the legal process, including how children and families become involved with the child welfare system and the services provided to support the family unit.

Participants will also gain an understanding of how to work alongside child welfare agencies and a family of origin while providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment to offset the impact of maltreatment on children and youth in the foster care system.

Additional topics covered in the training include child abuse and neglect, child development, discipline, creating permanency for children and youth, cultural considerations, and family preparation.

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In-service Classes

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