Foster Parent Learning Exchange

Welcome all parents, guardians, and caregivers. Join for us for an opportunity to network with other caregivers and gain critical knowledge and skills from our upcoming Learning Exchanges in September. Attend as little or as many as you wish. Each session offers 1.5 credits toward your ongoing learning hours!!

How Parenting In A Coach-Like Manner Can Improve Your Relationship
Subject Matter Expert:  Ashley  Anderson   
(September 2nd, 4:00pm-5:30p)
As a coach, some of the biggest strategies to learn are how NOT to fix all our child’s problems, how NOT to immediately give advice, or how NOT to jump in and TELL them what to do, think, or feel.   Coaching is about doing the opposite!  Think about the last time someone came to you to tell you about a problem they were having- If you’re like most people, you jumped in to give advice, attempted to cheer them up, or offered solutions to fix their problem.  Most kids and youth in foster care just want to be seen and validated.   Come join us and learn easy coaching techniques that will help you hold back and learn to help your child/youth find their own solutions and find the answers within themselves.

Creating A Positive Environment In Your Home
Subject Matter Expert:  Dan Comer
(September 11th, 9:00a-10:30a)
Positivity and optimism can be learned! Of all the things you will teach your foster children, how wonderful would it be to also teach them ways to be optimistic and positive as they travel through this world. Come share your ideas, experiences, and questions and we will all learn together!

Cultural Parenting: Where Do I Begin?
Subject Matter Expert:  Michelle Mares
(September, 16th, 4:00pm-5:30p)
For children in foster care and adoption, developing a strong and positive identity is an essential component of well-being.   Children of color are significantly over-represented in foster care and adoption. Those who are parenting children of color have an obligation to do all they can to address the bias, unconscious bias, and areas of racism that have led to many children getting placed in care.  Come join us for this important conversation and receive support as we lean into difficult topics about racism and hear how having difficult conversations can contribute to being more informed and better prepare you to contribute to the well-being of children and youth in foster care.

Art Work:  Why Connecting With Your Child Through Music, Painting, or Writing Goes Deeper.
Subject Matter Expert:  Michelle Mares
(September 25th 9:00a-10:30a)
For children and youth, art expression is a powerful way to safely express themselves from the difficult or terrifying experience of being removed from their homes and families.  According to Gretchen Miller, a board-certified art therapist in her analysis of art’s effects on healing, “Creative expression can be extremely healing for individuals as they regain a sense of control, make sense of their history, and form a stronger identity within the safety of a creative outlet.  Come join us as we explore simple and inexpensive ways to allow your child to express themselves through a creative medium.