"The more I learn, the less I know."

Project Director

As a lover of leading and learning, Kasey Matz, MA, is honored to serve in the roles of project director for the CWTS and as a faculty instructor for the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine, at the Kempe Center. As the CWTS project director, Kasey is responsible for innovating and implementing educational programs, products, and services for Colorado’s child welfare workforce.

Kasey has devoted more than seventeen years of her life and career to serving the child welfare community in Colorado and beyond. After many years in casework and supervision with two Colorado counties, and prior to joining the Kempe Center, Kasey was employed with the Butler Institute for Families at Denver University and the American Humane Association. In her roles as coach, facilitator, and trainer, Kasey treasured working with individual learners, leaders, and teams to promote appreciative thinking and nurture the leader within every child- and family-serving professional. Kasey earned her bachelor’s in psychology in 1999 and a master’s in counseling psychology in 2004. Additionally, Kasey is a professionally trained Co-Active and Organization and Relationship Systems Coach.

When she’s not working, Kasey can be found devouring a James Patterson or Jodi Picoult novel, reveling in a love story on the big screen (Kasey loves it when love wins), or playing with her family and friends.