Reimbursement Guidelines for County Employees

These guidelines are currently being reviewed.  Please check back for updates.  For specific questions, please reach out to

Submitting your reimbursement

These guidelines apply to all caseworkers, case aides, and supervisors who receive in-person training through the Child Welfare Training System (CWTS). Your County Department of Human/Social Services (county) representative will provide support in obtaining travel cost coverage and reimbursement. If you are unsure of who your county representative is, ask your supervisor for assistance.

Your request for travel reimbursement will be submitted to your county and your county will request reimbursement from the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Division of Child Welfare (state). The request for reimbursement needs to include the following:

  1. A signed singular Travel Reimbursement Request form from the county for all employees in attendance at a given in-person CWTS training;  
  2. Google maps to document the mileage distance traveled; and, 
  3. Hotel receipt showing $0 balance (if applicable). 

The county must submit the singular Travel Reimbursement Request form within 30 calendar days after the training. If submitted past 60 calendar days you will not be reimbursed.

If you are claiming mileage, mileage will be calculated from the county’s office location, staying with state fiscal rules.


You are eligible for mileage reimbursement for the mileage distance traveled from the county’s office location to the in-person CWTS training location. The commuting distance from the learner’s home address to the county’s office location will not be reimbursed. To document your mileage, the county must submit Google maps along with the Travel Reimbursement Request form. 

  • If you are traveling from home, submit two maps – one showing mileage from home to the county’s office location, and another showing mileage from home to the CWTS in-person training location.
  • If you are traveling from the county’s office location, submit one map - showing mileage from the office to the CWTS in-person training location.

Mileage is paid at the prevailing state rate. Currently, that rate can be found by clicking here.
We cannot reimburse for:

  • Tolls, or
  • travel in a county vehicle.

Only if workers are using their own vehicle will workers be reimbursed for mileage. Mileage will be calculated from the county office to the training site unless workers can prove they work from a remote location full time.


For all training that begins in the morning, if you travel more than 120 miles beyond your normal commute, you're eligible for lodging the night before your training begins. (Lodging the night before training isn't available if your training begins in the afternoon or evening.)

If your training lasts more than one day, you're eligible for lodging during the training if you travel more than 50 miles beyond your normal commute. We encourage learners to travel home after their training ends. However, if you travel more than 240 miles beyond your normal commute, you may make a special request for lodging for the night after your training ends. Contact to make this request.

The mileage calculator on the website will help you determine if you qualify for lodging according to the state’s travel reimbursement guidelines.

If you qualify for lodging:

  • Work with your county’s designated representative to select, reserve, and pay for any hotel accommodations you require.
  • Reimbursement will be at the government rate (tax exempt) and will not exceed the rate outlined for your region on
  • The cost of an individual hotel room will be reimbursed. Room sharing is not required.
  • When possible, try to arrange for lodging that includes a continental breakfast.

We urge you to use your best judgment if inclement weather makes traveling unsafe. If you feel traveling is unsafe, please extend your lodging and put a note on your travel reimbursement form to let us know the circumstances. You are responsible for all incidental expenses and any damage to the room, including penalties for smoking.

For county representatives

To submit a reimbursement request, complete the Expenditure Categories of the County Travel Reimbursement Request form. Email the form to Only one travel form should be submitted for all county staff attending the same CWTS training for the same date, time, and location.

Reimbursement requests may include:

  • Mileage – as indicated by the mileage calculator on this site and outlined in the state travel reimbursement guidelines.
  • Hotel accommodations – up to the government rate outlined for the region the training takes place on tax exempt.
  • Per diem – meals as outlined for the region where training takes place on

Meal per diem only applies to travel with an overnight hotel accommodation, not for any same day travel. Include per diem rates attachment. 

Please contact with any questions you may have.