Supervisor Resources

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Caseworker and Supervisor Desk Guide for Foster Youth in Transition Program, supervisor-resourcesfyit supervisor
Secondary Trauma Supportsupervisor-resourcessupervisor
Accessing Learning Experiences, lms-job-aids lms-job-aids-supervisor-resources caseworker-resources supervisor-resourceslms
Locating Training Hours for Superviseeslms-job-aids-supervisor-resources supervisor-resourceslms
Enrolling in a Course and Registering for a Seminar Canceling a Seminar, lms-job-aids-supervisor-resources lms-job-aids supervisor-resources caseworker-resourceslms
Creating an Account & Updating Your Profile, lms-job-aids-supervisor-resources lms-job-aids supervisor-resources caseworker-resourceslms
Child Abuse and Neglect Expert StaffingThe Child Abuse and Neglect Expert Staffing (CANES) consultation consists of a multidisciplinary team of …, miscellaneous-supervisor-resources miscellaneous supervisor-resources caseworker-resourcescanes
Supervisor Considerations When Assessing for Safety and Safety Planning, colorado-family-safety-and-risk-assessments-supervisor-resources supervisor-resources
Transfer of Learning 4: Skills Practicesupervisor-resources
ROM Tutorial, rom supervisor-resources trails-job-aids
How to Best Support Your Worker’s Learning Experiencesupervisor-resources
Guide for finding and entering Employee IDsupervisor-resources
Transfer of Learning 2: Educational Supervisionsupervisor-resources
Transfer of Learning 3: Administrative Supervisionsupervisor-resources
Transfer of Learning 1: Supportive Supervisionsupervisor-resources
Register for the CDHS Memo SeriesThe Colorado Department of Human Services uses a Memo Series to streamline and clarify policies …supervisor-resources
Colorado Family Safety & Risk Assessments Desk Reference for Supervisors, colorado-family-safety-and-risk-assessments-supervisor-resources supervisor-resources