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Accessing an Account

  • How do I access my account? (I have not received my password reset)
  If you have tried to reset your account and did not receive a password email reset, please reach out to support@coloradocwts.com.  


  • How can I find courses that are required for me beyond certification?

  • There are a few courses that are required at various or multiple times throughout your professional development or caregiving journey. These are easier to find in the upgraded LMS. Just choose the Required Courses catalog in the Find Learning tab and look for courses relevant to your role. Caseworkers in their first year of certification can choose the catalog of First-Year Caseworker Courses to find the recommended and required courses following certification. Access the Find Learning tutorial to learn more.

  • What is the difference between a program and a course?

  • A program is a group of courses. You will need to enroll in a program if you are seeking caseworker, supervisor, hotline, or caregiver certification or recertification.

  • Why do I have to enroll in a program?

  • You will need to enroll in a program if you are seeking caseworker, supervisor, hotline, or caregiver certification or recertification.

  • How do I access my certificates from previous years?

  • If you have already downloaded the certificate once, it will be in your My certificates section of your profile (under Miscellaneous). If you have not downloaded it previously, you will need to go into the course and download it by clicking on the final course activity, Certificate of Completion. If you are looking for a certificate that is older than the previous fiscal year, email our help desk at support@coloradocwts.com.

  • How do I get my certificate when I complete my recertification hours?

  • For FY 2023-2024 and later, once you enroll in the recertification program and complete your hours, you will receive an email with the certificate, and it will also be accessible in the My certificates area of your profile. For FY 2022-2023, you can find the certificate in a course called [Role] Recertification Earned 2022-2023 (e.g., Supervisor Recertification Earned 2022-2023). If you are looking for a certificate that is older than the previous fiscal year, email our help desk at support@coloradocwts.com.

  • Where is my Mandatory Reporter Training certificate?

  • If you took the training through our public site, you will need to retake the training because your certificate is not saved in the public site. If you took the training through our LMS, you can access it as you would any other certificate.

Earning Credit

  • How do I get credit for a DCW Town Hall or other training I attended?
  To receive credit, you must be present during the training or meeting, where your facilitator will provide you with both the LMS link to find the course and a password to verify your attendance. You must complete the password quiz within 48 hours of the training, after which time the quiz closes. If you have lost either the link or the password, you must contact Kathy Clark within 48 hours of the training.    


  • Why am I enrolled in courses I didn't sign up for?

  • Because you are enrolled in a certification or recertification program (either caseworker, supervisor, or caregiver), you are automatically enrolled in all courses that are eligible for credit for that program. This does not mean you need to take all the courses, just that they are available for you. They will not show up on your Record of Learning as incomplete until you start the course. You can always filter them out of your ROL by looking for completed or incomplete courses.

  • Can I unenroll from courses that I didn’t sign up for (or didn't attend in full)?

  • No. Once you are enrolled in a program and its corresponding courses, you will remain enrolled in them. However, because the ROL is filterable, they should not present any issues for you.

Finding and Accessing Courses

  • What happened to “Future Sessions”?

    We are currently working with our vendor to re-create this feature. We will reach out when it is available.

  • How can I find a course on a specific topic?

    You can search to see if the topic is in the course title, or you can search for topic tags. Access the Find Learning tutorial to learn more.

  • Why isn't there a waitlist for this course?

    New Supervisor Academy and New Caseworker Academy have manually managed waitlists due to differing priorities based on current role, start date, county size, etc. Other courses, like those for coaches, may only register learners through email. Please reach out to support@coloradocwts.com with questions.

  • Does CWTS offer any WBTs in Spanish?

    Mandatory Reporter Training is currently offered in Spanish. We are actively working to ensure that all other trainings required for kinship caregivers are available in Spanish as well. We will update all users as soon as these are available.


  • Why is an activity I finished (WBT, pre-/post-test, etc.) not showing as completed?

  • Certain activities may require multiple steps to finish the activity in its entirety (for instance, submitting an assignment)—ensure you've followed each prompt. Other times, your web page may just need refreshing. Additionally, the LMS runs data updates every hour. If you try refreshing and the activity is still not showing as completed, return in an hour to try again.


    • Why can't I register for this seminar or series?
    Most seminars or seminar series require participants complete a pre-test. Some courses may require you sign a waiver to participate or that you acknowledge the course requirements. Where these apply, completing the activity will unlock the seminar registration options. In other cases, a session date may be full and capped without a waitlist, so you will be unable to register for that session. Or you may encounter a course that only allows registration via contact with a facilitator or other coordinator; review the Register tile in the course—instructions for registering or required activities will all be in this tile.
    • Why are there no seminars scheduled for this course I really want to take?
    Once dates for seminars are confirmed with facilitators, they are added to the LMS. We try to schedule out most seminars for the entire fiscal year by the end of June of the previous year. If you are needing to take a required course and do not see any seminars scheduled, please reach out to your county learning coordinator.
    • I heard there are in-person courses available. How can I find them?
    A few courses have in-person seminar options available at different times throughout the year. You can find these by searching the tag in-person options. Within the course, each seminar date will specify either Virtual Delivery (for sessions held on Zoom) or the physical location of an in-person session. Access the Find Learning tutorial to learn about tag searching.
    • Where can I find my Zoom link for courses?
    Zoom links are emailed out to registrants 1–3 days before the session. Before requesting a Zoom link from the help desk, please check your email and spam/junk folders. If you do not have the link, then reach out to the help desk.


  • What happened to “My Team” for supervisors?

  • This function is not available in the upgraded LMS. If you already have supervisor access in the LMS, you will be able to use a similar supervisory function in the upgrade and do not need to take additional action. Otherwise, to gain access to information about supervisees, please complete this form. You will receive supervisor access within one business day.

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