Maritza Villagomez

"Kindness is a language that the deaf hear and the blind can see."

Mark Twain

Learner Experience Coordinator

Maritza Villagomez, BA, is honored to serve as a training coordinator for the CWTS, where she is responsible for the coordination of training logistics for all Kempe CWTS courses.

Maritza grew up in Colorado, and she earned her bachelor’s in digital media studies at the University of Denver, the college of her dreams. Upon graduation, she began working for a nonprofit organization, where she acquired much of her professional expertise. Today, Maritza’s favorite part of her job is providing behind-the-scenes support and encouragement to her team. She feels a strong sense of responsibility and can be counted on to follow through; she will go to any amount of trouble to help those who need it. Maritza values kindness and enjoys bringing out the best in others.

Maritza is blessed with a beautiful three-year-old who enjoys afternoons at the park. Maritza also enjoys long walks, exercising, and reading.