Want to connect with your peers to brainstorm ideas, strategies, and solutions that you can apply right away to some of the most common and challenging aspects of your job?

Good news—the CWTS is excited to pilot a new learning opportunity designed just for this purpose.

Supervisor Learning Circles are 90-minute facilitated group coaching sessions among a small group of supervisors. They’re intended to leverage your critical thinking and solution-focused skills related to specific, relevant topics for supervisors.

The Supervisor Learning Circles will take place by videoconference and will be facilitated by a CWTS coach. The role of the coach is to support the group in creating a collective agenda, grounded in the topic for the session, and to achieve the desired outcomes identified by the group. Training credit hours will be provided for participants.

CWTS will be piloting four Supervisor Learning Circles between March and April to assess how this learning structure works for supervisors and to inform future learning opportunities like these.

Space is limited in the pilots, so register now.