When you complete one or two more classes (depending on the number of training hours of the courses you select), you’ll have 40 or more training hours—and you’ll earn recertification.

This recertification, available only for new caseworkers, recertifies you through the following fiscal year.

When you decide (with your supervisor) which courses to take to complete the 40 training hours required for recertification, please keep in mind that you may choose from any in-service courses. CWTS strongly recommends you include these courses in your selection:

  • Building Safety with Families Impacted by Domestic Violence (8 training hours)
  • Building Safety when Parents Use Substances (6.5 training hours)
  • Building Safety with Family Impacted by Mental Illness (6.5 training hours)
  • The Invisible Conversation (6.5 training hours)
  • Adolescents: The 411 (recommended for caseworkers primarily serving youth) (20 training hours)