Sexting: What You Need to Know


This course is brought to you by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, an office of the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

It supports the Center’s mission

  • to prevent youth from engaging in high risk behavior,
  • to mitigate the damage caused by that behavior,
  • to protect victims, potential victims, and offending youth, and
  • to properly respond and help the community recover.


This course is a tool used by courts and schools to help juveniles

  • understand the elements of healthy relationships and
  • avoid the legal, academic, financial, and social consequences that result from sexting conduct.


Completion of this course is designed to satisfy programming requirements for juveniles who have consensually exchanged sexually explicit images. More comprehensive interventions may be required to manage higher level offenders.

This course was created to comply with Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) section 18-7-109(5)(c). It is also in conformity with C.R.S. section 22-1-128, as mandated by 24-33.5-1803(m).

The Colorado Child Welfare Training System (CWTS) does not offer training hours for completion of this course.

If you need technical help for the course, please call (303) 239-4391 or visit the Colorado School Safety Resource Center at