Choose Your Own Trail

Course type: Independent Study (with facilitator support via Zoom) and Facilitated Online Learning Experience
Pre-classroom learning:
Review videos in the Trails Resource Center and browse the Trails Modernization job aids and tutorials. Print the Qualitative Case Review Instruments utilized by the Administrative Review Division (Assessment Instrument 8.3 as well as the Administrative Review Instrument V. 9.0). Meet with your supervisor to identify the assessment and case you will review, and ensure you have Trails access.
Classroom learning: 2 days
Training hours: 13

You must complete The Fundamentals Practice Simulation prior to taking Choose Your Own Trail.

This two-day independent study and facilitated online learning—which completes the Fundamentals learning experience—will allow you to practice navigating Trails while considering what it means to provide thorough, meaningful case documentation. You will participate in both days from the comfort of your own office, with live support available from a CWTS facilitator through phone, email, and Zoom. You will leave better equipped to navigate Trails and provide excellent documentation of your hard work as a child welfare professional!

On Day 1, you will utilize the Administrative Review Division (ARD) instruments linked above to review both an assessment and a case in Trails. Through this hands-on learning process, you will log in to Trails, access an assessment and case provided to you by your supervisor, and use the ARD instruments to navigate Trails. You will record the strengths of the documentation, as well as any questions you have, using the ARD instruments.

On Day 2, you will have from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM to complete your review. From 1:00 to 3:00 PM, you will join your CWTS facilitator and your peers to engage in a group coaching discussion and debriefing. You will walk away from this conversation prepared to engage in crucial conversations about documentation and secure in your ability to successfully navigate your first ARD review!

Post-Classroom Learning: Review your completed tools with your supervisor and have them sign. Upload the signed tools under Post-Classroom Activities below, as this is required to get full credit for the course.
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