Hotline and RED Team: Where Assessment With Families Begins

Course type: Hybrid
Pre-classroom learning:
  • Complete the web-based training (3 hours)
  • Complete Mandatory Reporter Training (2 hours)
  • Review videos in the Trails Resource Center, take the quiz, and email it to your facilitator.
Classroom learning: 2 days (13 hours)
Training hours: 16 (awarded when all components are complete)
Two hours for Mandatory Reporter Training will display separately in your account.

This hybrid course—designed to prepare both hotline workers and caseworkers for certification—builds on personal and professional experiences that promote quality customer service and provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to successfully carry out the duties associated with the referral and screening processes.

Through an interactive online experience and an action-oriented classroom experience, you’ll be equipped to conduct solution-focused, safety-organized, informative, and engaging hotline calls. You will also acquire the knowledge and skills you need to meaningfully and effectively participate in the RED (Review, Evaluate, Direct) Team process. Upon completion of this course, you’ll apply your newfound knowledge and skills through several TOL experiences.

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