Register for the CDHS Memo Series

The Colorado Department of Human Services uses a Memo Series to streamline and clarify policies and expectations of county partners and contracted entities. This is the formal method of communication used by CDHS with all 64 counties.

You are strongly encouraged to register for the Memo Series to stay apprised of new and revised policies and expectations.

There are three types of memos issued within the CDHS Memo Series:

  • Policy Memo is anything that changes Departmental policy as a result of the Department’s statutorily defined responsibility of supervising counties. A Policy Memo interprets and provides further guidance to promulgated regulations. C.R.S. 26-1-118 sets out that county departments shall serve as agents of the state department and case law also established this relationship.
  • An Operation Memo is detailed instructions/clarifications for counties to operationalize a new or existing state law, new or existing federal law, a new/existing state rule, or a new/existing federal rule.
  • An Information Memo is important information for the counties that is strictly informational and timely. Examples include availability of grants that counties can apply for, posting of an R.F.P. etc.

CDHS is currently reviewing all Dear Director and Agency Letters that have been issued to counties more than three years ago. Until these letters are reviewed and re-issued as Memos as appropriate, Dear Director, Agency Letters, and Memo Series documents will all be in effect to provide counties guidance and practice expectations.

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