Safety Through Engagement

Course type: Classroom
Pre-classroom learning:
Review videos in the Trails Resource Center, take the quiz, and email it to your facilitator.
Classroom learning: 3 days
Training hours: 19.5 (awarded when both components are complete)

This three-day learning experience is an interactive, action-based classroom training experience that uses a problem-based learning model to facilitate growth. With a single complex case scenario interweaved throughout the course, you’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of safety with a family. You will

  • practice identifying, gathering, and weighing the critical information before you;
  • learn how to discern the most relevant and significant factors affecting the child’s safety, permanency, and well-being;
  • appreciate the protective capacities within the family; and
  • determine the family’s ability to promote the safety of the child or youth.

Through the various assessment phases, you’ll gain insight into essential engagement strategies that are child centered and family focused.

You’ll practice balancing safety through engagement as you explore and practice, building trusting relationships with children, youth, and families in a culturally responsive, solution-focused manner while involving the voice of children and youth in casework practices. You’ll not only facilitate an assessment using the Colorado Family Safety and Risk Assessment Tools with families, but you’ll also practice identifying maltreatment, activating your critical thinking skills, and collaborating with multidisciplinary community partners to improve outcomes for families.

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