The Fundamentals Practice Simulation

Course type: One-hour simulation + one-day peer review
Preparation and participation: Please see illustration below.
Training hours: 7 (awarded at the completion of simulation and peer review)

You must complete Welcome to Colorado Child WelfareHotline and RED TeamSafety Through Engagement, and Working Toward Closure prior to taking The Fundamentals Practice Simulation.

Upon completion of the five previous courses, you’ll participate in the Fundamentals Practice Simulation, in which you’ll demonstrate the competencies learned throughout the Fundamentals courses in a live, case scenario–informed interaction with a real family, played by professional actors. Supervisors, practice coaches, or county training coordinators observe these simulations to assess your demonstration of competence and readiness for certification.

CWTS facilitators are committed to setting you up for success throughout this course and beyond. A transfer of learning activity will be provided to encourage a conversation between you and your supervisor about where and how you will continue to grow in your child welfare practices.

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