Welcome to Colorado Child Welfare (Web-based Training)

Course type: Web-based Training (WBT)
Training hours: 5

You must complete this course prior to taking any other Fundamentals course in this series.

As the initial course in the Fundamentals of Colorado Child Welfare Casework Practice series, this interactive, self-guided online training is designed to give you a basic understanding of the Colorado child welfare system. You’ll be introduced to the values, concepts, and practices underlying child welfare practice in Colorado, and you’ll gain an understanding of and become familiar with the following areas:

  • History of child welfare
  • Mission, vision, and values of CDHS
  • Types of abuse and neglect
  • Colorado Children’s Code (Title 19) and Volume 7 (Social Services Rules), which outline and inform child welfare practice in Colorado
  • Programs, resources, and services that caseworkers utilize when working with children, youth, and families
  • Trails, Colorado’s automated case management system.


In addition, you can engage in an assessment of individual learning styles, a process that supports you in identifying professional development and TOL activities that align with how you best learn. With the solid foundation of knowledge built through this WBT, you will be prepared to successfully engage in the remaining Fundamentals courses and for casework practice with children, youth, and families.

You are encouraged to revisit this WBT frequently as it is intended for use as a resource that supports continuous learning on the job.

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