Welcome to the Trails Resource Center.

The next stage of Trails Modernization is now live!

The release includes the following:

  • Hotline
  • Referral
  • Safety & Risk Assessments
  • Trauma screenings
  • Developmental screenings
  • IV-E
  • Maintenance of Effort (MOE)

The following trainings are available:

  • Welcome to New Trails—available on both the CWTS website and the CDHS portal. This is designed for any Trails user and covers basic navigation.
  • Train-the-trainer videos—available on the CWTS website. These are designed for individuals who will provide technical assistance or training to other staff members.

Additional Support:


Trails Modernization Meetings:

ModSquad is available to assist users with Service Pack questions and issues, and will host county support sessions during each of the ModSquad meetings for the foreseeable future. These support windows will be from 9-12 each Tuesday/Thursday and will last as long as users present issues, so please call in early. To join the ModSquad meetings, please use the information below:


US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 929 436 2866

Meeting ID: 868 959 240

Remember, to log into Modernized Trails you must use the following URL: https://trails.state.co.us


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