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Questions about Trails training?

Contact Javonni Henderson, CDHS Trails Training Specialist

Currently there are no upcoming Trails training sessions scheduled at this time.

If you have any questions regarding Trails Legacy or Modernized Trails, feel free to join the Trails Q&A sessions hosted by ModSquad, from 9:30am-10:30am each Tuesday and Thursday morning.

To join the ModSquad meetings, connect using Google Meet by following this link from a computer or smartphone:


Questions about Trails Security Administration and/or Security Administrator Training?

Contact Renee Amador:

Need to find out which Trails Superuser supports your area?
Have a Child Welfare program/policy question?

Contact the DCW Program Staff member designated for the specific program area.

Check here to see the DCW Program Staff

Need to contact the OIT Service Desk?
Trails Modernization meetings

ModSquad is available to assist users with questions and issues that may arise following a Trails release or otherwise. These planned support windows will be from 9:30am-10:30am each Tuesday and Thursday, and can be extended when needed (i.e. after a hotfix or major release).

To join the ModSquad meetings, connect using Google Meet by following this link from a computer or smartphone:


Trails Tips and Hints

The Division of Child Welfare has put together a guide of helpful tips and hints for Trails users to review prior to calling the OIT Service Desk. Please review this CW Trails Related Help Desk Ticket and Fixes information. Not all Trails issues need to be submitted to the help desk - please identify the type of concern on the guide and take the appropriate steps related to that topic. This document contains a wealth of information on when to call the help desk and when to reach out to someone else who can help you avoid putting in a ticket. If you have an issue not documented on the guide, most likely you will need to enter the information into the OIT Customer Self-Service Portal, email the Service Desk, or call 303-239-HELP (4357). Here is an easy reference flyer on these three ways to get help from OIT.

Trails Fiscal Calendar

Find older updates at the Trails Weekly Update Archive