Breathing Space March 2024

by Dan Comer

Nurturing Resilience: Building Tiny Habits to Combat Stress

You know how demanding this job can be. You are doing this job because you find value in the work. For some of us, we can forget at times to prioritize our well-being. I get it—there is so much to do. That is why I find such an attraction to managing stress by cultivating tiny habits that, when practiced consistently, can make a significant impact on our overall resilience. (Here comes a sales pitch…)

The Power of Tiny Habits

Tiny habits are small, manageable actions that, when repeated consistently, create positive behavioral changes. In the field of stress management, these tiny routines can serve as powerful tools to enhance our coping mechanisms and build a resilient foundation. Rather than attempting major overhauls, the focus is on making small adjustments that gradually accumulate into meaningful improvements.

This post marks the beginning of a series on the power of tiny habits. Each month, I’ll be sharing the best evidence-supported practices to build resilience. This month we focus on…

Mindful Moments: Embrace the Present

In the whirlwind of your responsibilities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Incorporating mindful moments into your day can be transformative. Start by taking a minute to pause, breathe, and center yourself before engaging with families or starting another meeting. Gradually, this tiny habit fosters a sense of presence and helps you navigate stress with greater clarity. Colleagues who have built this tiny habit swear by it. (I suggest one round of square breathing.)