Michelle Beebe

michelle beebe 2023

"Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives."

Large-County Learning Coordinator

Michelle Beebe, MSW, MA, joined the CWTS team in February 2023 as a large-county learning coordinator. She is passionate about serving vulnerable children and their families with strengths-based, culturally inclusive, and solution-focused interventions.

Michelle earned her Master of Social Work with concentration in children, youth, and families from the University of Washington in 1998 and has been working in public child welfare arenas since, conducting risk assessment and interventions for child health and safety throughout her career. Michelle spent twenty-one years working in the Seattle area and the last three years working for the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services. Michelle has experience in child abuse and neglect risk assessment, principals of child development, interviewing techniques and multidisciplinary team service delivery, substance use disorder intervention and services, current literature on education practices, and concepts of community organization as applied to the development of community resources. Over the course of her career, Michelle’s job duties have ranged from crisis intervention, parent coaching, and individual counseling to group development, curriculum development, professional service referrals, coordination of care for individuals in need, and regulatory work, including court work and emergency removal of children, policy creation, and risk management details. She has also facilitated learning with new workers through group training, mentoring, and individual coaching. In addition to her MSW, Michelle has an MA in human learning, development, and family sciences from the University of Colorado–Denver. This program of study enhanced Michelle’s teaching and training approaches.

Michelle is a fourth-generation Coloradoan, raised in Boulder and returned to Boulder County in 2018. She has had the privilege of coparenting five amazing individuals, now all in their thirties. They are a very active and musical family, with all five children choosing careers in music and theater. Attending theater performances is a favorite way to spend off hours, as is reading, playing with her dog and cat, and enjoying time with family and friends.