Finish Strong: Supporting Foster and Kinship Youth to the End of the School Year

Like many adults, youth can struggle to complete tasks or programs, and, yes, this includes school. Even if kids head to school with excitement in the fall, by spring the effort of sitting through the school day can feel big.  

Helping our youth complete the school year starts with empathizing with the rigor and diligence that is required for being in school. Acclimating to a full day in an actual classroom presents many of the same challenges that adults face when asked to return to the office after several years of working remotely.  

Second, help youth view their last months of the school year as smaller, bite-size portions of time. An easy way to do that is to open a school calendar and highlight the many holidays, teacher planning days, and breaks that are scheduled. Months sound and feel much longer than days. Seeing the time left as days can help your child feel like the end is nearer than they realize.  

Finally, seek the help of others, such as the school social worker and the caseworker, to support your foster youth throughout their education. Connect with the Child Welfare Education Liaison (CWEL) for your district and the caseworker if there are challenges with transitions of records between schools or other barriers to your child’s educational stability. Find your liaison in the current directory of CWELs at the Colorado Department of Education