Parties Aren’t Always Fun and Games for Kids in Care

Caregivers work hard to make birthdays and social gatherings fun and plentiful for children. But without preventative and proactive support for the children, the event could end in disappointment and mixed emotions.

Why Parties Are Challenging for Children

  • Parties disrupt their schedule
  • They become the center of everyone’s attention
  • They are overwhelmed by the number of people
  • They become overstimulated by sounds, colors, music, weather
  • They are expected to behave in ways that are new to them
  • They are expected to stifle their excitement and expectations

Strategies to Prevent Big Feelings and Big Behaviors at Any Social Gathering

The more information you can give your child about the event in advance, the better they can mentally and emotionally prepare themselves.

  • Who: Family? Friends? Strangers? Surprise guests?
  • Where: Location (indoors/outdoors)? Loud? Dark? Crowded? Guardian proximity?
  • What: Attire? Food? Activities? Games?
  • Discuss strategies for handling different feelings at the party: what to do if they feel nervous, do not like the food, feel jealous, feel alone (not interacting with other kids), or if they feel overwhelmed