Are You a Mandatory Reporter?

Section 19-3-304 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) outlines the persons required by law to report child abuse and/or neglect.

(2) Persons required to report such abuse and/or neglect or circumstances or conditions include any:

(a) Physician or surgeon, including a physician in training;
(b) Child health associate;
(c) Medical examiner or coroner;
(d) Dentist;
(e) Osteopath;
(f) Optometrist;
(g) Chiropractor;
(h) Podiatrist;
(i) Registered nurse or licensed practical nurse;
(j) Hospital personnel engaged in the admission, care, or treatment of patients;
(k) Christian science practitioner;
(l) Public or private school official or employee;
(m) Social worker or worker in any facility or agency that is licensed or certified pursuant to part 1 of article 6 of title 26, C.R.S. (e.g. child care providers and employees);
(n) Mental health professional;
(o) Dental hygienist;
(p) Psychologist;
(q) Physical therapist;
(r) Veterinarian;
(s) Peace officer as described in section 16-2.5-101, C.R.S.;
(t) Pharmacist;
(u) Commercial film and photographic print processor as provided in subsection (2.5) of this section;
(v) Firefighter as defined in section 18-3-201 (1), C.R.S.;
(w) Victim’s advocate, as defined in section 13-90-107 (1) (k) (II), C.R.S.;
(x) Licensed professional counselors;
(y) Licensed marriage and family therapists;
(z) Registered psychotherapists;
(aa) Clergy member;
(bb) Registered dietitian who holds a certificate through the commission on dietetic registration and who is otherwise prohibited by 7 CFR 246.26 from making a report absent a state law requiring the release of this information;
(cc) Worker in the state department of human services;
(dd) Juvenile parole and probation officers;
(ee) Child and family investigators, as described in section 14-10-116.5, C.R.S.;
(ff) Officers and agents of the state bureau of animal protection, and animal control officers;
(gg) The child protection ombudsman as created in article 3.3 of this title;
(hh) Educator providing services through a federal special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children, as provided for in 42 U.S.C. sec. 1786;
(ii) Director, coach, assistant coach, or athletic program personnel employed by a private sports organization or program.
(jj) Person who is registered as a psychologist candidate pursuant to section 12-43-304 (7), C.R.S., marriage and family therapist candidate pursuant to section 12-43-504 (5), C.R.S., or licensed professional counselor candidate pursuant to section 12-43-603 (5), C.R.S., or who is described in section 12-43-215, C.R.S.;
(kk) Emergency medical service providers, as defined in sections 25-3.5-103 (8) and 25-3.5-103 (12), C.R.S., and certified pursuant to part 2 of article 3.5 of title 25, C.R.S. (effective July 1, 2014)
(ll) Officials or employees of county departments of health, human services, or social services; and
(mm) Naturopathic doctor registered under article 37.3 of title 12.

(2.5) Any commercial film and photographic print processor who has knowledge of or observes, within the scope of his or her professional capacity or employment, any film, photograph, video tape, negative, or slide depicting a child engaged in an act of sexual conduct shall report such fact to a local law enforcement agency immediately or as soon as practically possible by telephone and shall prepare and send a written report of it with a copy of the film, photograph, video tape, negative, or slide attached within thirty-six hours of receiving the information concerning the incident.