Foster/Adoptive Caregiver Certification Program

Foster/Adoptive Caregiver Certification Program (33 training credit hours)

This certification program contains a single course for those who will be caring for a child/youth they do not know or have a relationship with. The course, NTDC Certification Training for Colorado Foster and Adoptive Caregivers, is the preferred certifying foster parent curriculum of the Colorado Department of Child Welfare.

NTDC is five seminar sessions over a period of two to five weeks (depending on scheduling), in addition to independent learning assignments, from a self-assessment and course reading to WBTs and videos. This cutting-edge, comprehensive resource offers foster and adoptive caregivers culturally relevant education around child development and behavior, trauma-responsive care, the importance of maintaining familial connections, and the role of foster parents in the child welfare system.

If you are unsure which program or course you need to complete to be certified, please contact your certifying organization or county.

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