Kinship Caregiver Certification Program

Kinship Caregiver Certification Program (22.5 training credit hours)

This certification program—for those caring for a child/youth they are related to or with whom they have a previous relationship—comprises six courses, including Kinship Caregiver Fundamentals.

Kinship Caregiver Fundamentals, with its two-day seminar and WBT module, combines the complete knowledge base of foster parent training with additional specialized considerations for providing care for a child/youth you already have a relationship with; all kinship caregivers are invited to attend this learning experience, even if not pursuing certification.

The Kinship Caregiver Certification Program is rounded out by the following five WBT modules, which can be completed at your own pace:

  • Mandatory Reporter Training
  • The Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard
  • Safe Sleep: Creating Safe Sleep Environments for Infants
  • Child Development and the Effects of Trauma: The Essentials
  • One of the following three courses. Select the course that corresponds to the age of children/youth you’ll be caring for. (You can take more than one if you’ll be caring for kids of various ages.)
    • Child Development and the Effects of Trauma: Infant and Toddler Development
    • Child Development and the Effects of Trauma: School Age Child Development
    • Child Development and the Effects of Trauma: Adolescent Development

If you are unsure which program or course you need to complete to be certified, please contact your certifying organization or county.

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