Breathing Space June 2024

by Dan Comer

Nurturing Resilience, Month 4: Move!

Here we are again—another month, another tiny habit to build that can impact your overall resilience! (So far we’ve covered embracing the present, noticing what you are grateful for, and doing something kind.)

The habit we’re building this month is moving our bodies. And I have news: just 15 minutes a day—not even all at once (I am truly talking tiny habits here!)—can support resilience.

As you know, making big changes all at once can be difficult, especially with exercise. But you read my earlier words right: it only takes 15 minutes a day of expending energy (commonly known as moving our bodies) in order to reap the benefits of exercise. AND those 15 minutes can be split up!

This exercise research completely eliminates the excuse “I just don’t have time!” You absolutely do have 15 minutes, especially when you think about all the tricky ways to add a little movement to our days:

  • Can you walk to the office of the person you were going to email and just talk? (Remember those days?)
  • How about you park your car farther away than you have to?
  • Say it with me: walking supervision
  • Up your vacuuming game with Vigorous Vacuuming!
  • It is gardening season—I believe that requires movement…
  • I play a game where I do a sit-up or push-up (just one!) whenever I complete a task. What could your little game be?

Looking for more ideas? Here are 17 tiny ways to add movement to your workday.